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Galactic Gold Herbal Products sells Mother’s Gold, an herbal liquid extract that supports lactation for breastfeeding mothers, as well as other herbal products.

The Challenge

The owner, Amelia Schendel, had been notified by her website provider that she needed to move her website before they discontinued their hosting service. She also wanted a redesign of the website, which was not mobile-friendly. The colors of her previous website were blue and white, and she wanted to add in something that would give warmth to the color scheme. She also wanted to an easy-to-use interface to manage her products in her online store.

The Solution

Since her logo color is gold, and her business name includes the word “gold,” the obvious choice for adding warmth to the color scheme was various shades of gold. We also worked together to select new graphics with models from various different ethnic groups, to better reflect the demographics of her clientele.

I rebuilt the website using the Divi theme in WordPress, and set up her online store using Woo-Commerce. The new mobile-friendly website was launched before the shutdown of the previous hosting service. Amelia is able to manage her online store through the Woo-Commerce interface.