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Soquel Camp Meeting is held annually for 10 days in the hills outside of Santa Cruz, California, accommodating over 4,000 campers and 8,000 – 10,000 day attendees at its peak. It features religious speakers, music and fellowship for members and friends of the Central California Conference of Seventh-day Adventists.

The Challenge

The registration process had recently been moved online, but needed a good web registration form. The existing web registration form was unattractive, long, cumbersome and confusing. Certain sections didn’t apply to all campers – for example, tent camping vs. RV camping.

Additionally, management wanted a registration website that displayed general camp information and guidelines, and automatically updated dates and prices. It also needed to simultaneously accommodate registration for two consecutive years, during certain times of the year.

The Solution

I built a custom-coded, mobile-friendly website that interfaced with the registration database, automatically querying variable information, such as dates and prices, and displaying them on the website. Also, during times of the year when dual-year registration was needed, two registration buttons appeared on the home page, one for the current year, and the other for the following year.

The web registration form was broken into 5 distinct steps, displayed in 5 consecutive windows. Only fields relevant to the registrant were displayed, according to their dropdown menu choices.

The website’s design featured high-quality photos taken by a professional photographer. A black background was selected to bring out the beauty of the photos. Thumbnail strips depicting various facets of camp meeting life were displayed on each registration form window.