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Sylvia Knittel

Hi, I’m Sylvia.

Thank you for visiting my website and giving me a chance to show you how I can partner with you to grow your business.

Tech background.

My background in engineering technology is where I got my ability to navigate the technology needed to make modern marketing strategies deliver results – and bring customers or clients to your business.


My years of design experience will enable me to introduce your business to the world the way you want it to be seen.


In partnership with other digital marketers, I’m pleased to offer my clients a full range of premium marketing services that drive traffic to their websites, and convert those clicks into sales!

There’s one more piece….

I love people.

What that means for you is that I’m all about connecting businesses with their markets, so both parties can get closer to their dreams. Isn’t that what business really is about?

As a business owner, I’m extremely grateful for the opportunity for freedom and self-determination. That’s another reason why I’m passionate about helping others succeed in the entrepreneurial lifestyle.

So there you have it – tech skills, love of design, and passion for people – my dream career. Let me help you succeed in yours!

Business is about people.
Each successful transaction simultaneously brings two parties closer to their dreams.

Are we a good fit for each other?

I’m a happy person who loves life, and I love dreaming up ideas to help people live their best lives.

As someone who is dead serious about business, making a living for my family, and helping people, I also have a lighthearted take on life, and don’t take myself too seriously. If you resonate with that, we may be a great match to partner together in business!

On a side note, I’m passionate about helping people as a Certified Trauma Recovery Coach. My marketing business enables me to help trauma survivors who are unable to pay for coaching.

Why did you name your business “Spoiled Rotten Goat”?

I get that question a lot. It’s kind of a long story, but the short version is that it expresses my whimsical side. I believe in having fun while working hard.

And yes, I do love goats. My husband and I have two of them (Gustaf in the foreground of the photo; Gandalf in the background). They crack us up on a daily basis!

And also, yes, our goats are spoiled rotten!

Sylvia with pet goats and Australian shepherd

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