Logo and Graphic Design Services

Steinar Myhre

Logo artwork by Steinar Myhre

I'm proud of my dad. He's a very talented artist who does amazing line drawings, pencil and ink sketches, and cartoon caricatures.

He drew me the perfect goat for my logo. I'm extremely pleased with it (but open to considering the idea that I might be just a tad biased!)

My logo project took place via email, as Dad lives in Colorado, and I live in California. Still the process went very smoothly - we were able to communicate well and get the results I wanted. He's a really nice, laid-back guy - easy to work with.

If you need a hand-drawn logo or other artwork, drop me a line and I'll put you in touch with him.

Graphic design by David Ingermanson

David does amazing graphic design work. His specialty is designing checks and official forms with incredibly intricate security features.

Compared to some of his more advanced work, the digital work-up he did for my logo was probably a piece of cake for him.

I'm very pleased with how my logo turned out, and with the entire design process. Like with my dad, my collaboration with David took place via email, and went very smoothly. I especially appreciated how David presented me with options I could choose from at every step. Like my dad, he is a really nice, easy-going person to work with.

If you need graphic design work, drop me a line and I'll put you in touch with him.

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