Website Maintenance Plans

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Basic Website Maintenance Plan - $45/month

Just like a car, your WordPress website needs regular maintenance and tune-ups to keep it running smoothly. The Basic Website Maintenance Plan includes:

  • Free hosting. This is an optional service that can save you some serious money!
  • Updates and upgrades. It's important to stay up-to-date with updates and upgrades to keep your website functioning well, and to minimize security risks. All updates, including automatic updates performed by your hosting provider, need to be monitored - most of the time, updates go smoothly, but every now-and-then, something on your website will break as a result and need to be fixed.
  • Regular backups. It's important to back up your website periodically, especially before an update or upgrade.
  • Monitoring website performance and security. Your website will need to be tuned up periodically to optimize traffic levels and prevent and deal with spam and other security risks.
  • SSL certificate (encryption). Another bonus service that can save you serious money. Most host providers charge annually for them.
  • Minor website content updates as directed by yourself.

This is the right plan for you if you plan to maintain your website content yourself, or if you will need me to make only infrequent, minor changes to your website content.

If you need frequent modifications or periodic major work on your website, you may consider going to my Gold Website Maintenance Plan.

None of my maintenance plan contracts have termination fees (I intensely dislike those myself - they make me feel like a hostage), so you are free to leave anytime you wish. However, I'm hoping you'll love my service so much that you'll never dream of leaving!

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Gold Website Maintenance Plan - $60/month and up

This maintenance plan covers everything in the Basic Website Maintenance plan, plus additional work on your website content.

  • $60/month covers one hour of work on your website per month, averaged out (some months you may need more maintenance, some less)
  • $120/month covers two hours of work on your website per month, averaged out
  • Etc.

With this plan, you can bank unused maintenance time and roll it over to future months, so that if you have a big project, you can use your banked hours for that.

Like my Basic Website Maintenance Plan, this plan doesn't have contract termination fees. You are free to leave anytime you wish (although I can't reimburse you for banked hours), and you can switch to a different level of monthly maintenance hours whenever you need to (retaining your banked hours as long as you're in a Gold Website Maintenance Plan).

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