Website Design and Development Services

I've put together several price packages to accommodate varying needs and budgets. If you don't see a price package that meets your needs, drop me a line and tell me what you're looking for. We can probably work something out.

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Spoiled Rotten Goat Website Package - $2200

This package builds you a fully responsive 4-page WordPress website, from start to finish. Additional web pages are $200 each. The package includes:

  • Domain and hosting setup (if needed - you pay for the domain and hosting)
  • WordPress and theme installation and setup
  • Collaboration with you to create a website design that eloquently communicates your marketing message
  • Graphics selection service (optional)
  • Layout and formatting of your content for each web page
  • Basic image formatting (resizing, cropping, text overlay, minor tweaks)
  • A working contact form that relays user messages to your email address, and/or a subscription form (optional)
  • Social media links
  • Search engine optimization (SEO)
  • Website traffic statistics
  • Browser testing
  • Training to familiarize you with all the features of your website, including basic training on how to use the WordPress interface to modify your website, if you wish
  • You will own the copyright for your website

Keep in mind that a website needs regular maintenance to keep it running properly, just like a car needs regular tune-ups. Unless you plan to handle maintenance of your website yourself, I highly recommend that you take advantage of one of my affordably priced Website Maintenance Plans upon completion of your website.

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Do-It-Yourselfer's Setup Package - $350

This package is for someone who plans to build their own WordPress website, but doesn't want to hassle with setting everything up. It includes:

  • Domain and hosting setup (you pay for the domain & hosting)
  • WordPress installation and setup on your website (WordPress is free - yay!)
  • Installation of a WordPress theme of your choice
  • Basic training to help you get started building your website with WordPress
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Spoiled Rotten Goat Services à la Carte

You may need add-on services that are not included in the Spoiled Rotten Goat Package. I've left them out of the package to keep the price low for those who don't need them - you only pay for what you need.

  • Gallery or portfolio - $300 for each 20 photos
  • Online store (online product catalog and shopping cart with the ability to accept online payments) - $500 for up to 20 products; $300 for each additional 20 products
  • Web page content writing service - $250 per web page (up to 500 words)
  • Editing service - $60 per hour
  • Additional website functionality (such as live chat, scheduling, database, blog, etc) - I'll get you a quote.

Services by other professionals - I want to mention these here in case you need them:

  • Hand-drawn logos and other artwork - I don't draw, but my dad does! (He drew the goat for my logo - isn't it great?!) Click here for more information.
  • Advanced graphic design - If you need advanced graphic design work, David Ingermanson's your man. He does amazing work. (He did a great job on the digital work-up for my logo, but that's nothing compared to some of the other things he does!) Click here for more information.

If you need a service and don't see it on this list, let me know. I may be able to refer you to someone who provides it.

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Custom Web Development

I can help you with custom web development, such as projects requiring:

  • A custom database or database interface
  • Custom programming - I can code html, css, bootstrap, javascript, jQuery, php, and MySQL.

Ask me for a quote.

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